OTT Content Streaming Platform

OTT Media Streaming Platform

Above is a simplistic architecture of an OTT Media Streaming application. Below are few details :

1. UI APPLICATION : Both Web and Mobile application were created for this streaming application. The idea was that the users can stream predefined content on this platform, similar to Netflix.

2. APPLICATION SERVER : There was a cluster of Application Server sitting behind a load balancer. These servers held our application service which took care of all the business logic and user requests.

3. AWS S3 : All the media was kept in S3 buckets. The media included both video and audio files.

4. MONGO DB : This set of NoSQL database held all transactional data as well meta data of the content in S3. It also captured all the events on the system for offline analysis.

5. CACHE : Redis was used for caching few requests and it expired at pre-configured time.

6. CDN SERVER : AWS CloudFront was used as an Edge servers to deliver the content in different geographic locations where the users were located.

7. ANALYTICS ENGINE : This engine was meant to apply analytics on all the data in MongoDB to drive meaningful insight about users and their preferences. This also helped as a recommendation engine.

Author : Mayank Garg, Technology Enthusiast and Georgia Tech Alumni